Selling Your Home: Are You Having Fun Yet?

That's right.  I said are you having any fun?

Selling your homeOK, call me crazy.  I guess I'm just one of those irritatingly cheerful people who like to have fun with whatever mundane task I am tackling.  I am guilty of playing loud funky music while I vacuum, singing while doing the dishes, and dabbling in "the dusting game"  (my mother's invention – as you may imagine it worked like a charm on me as a child.)

Now I realize that selling your home is not exactly a mundane task.  Whether you have chosen to tackle the job on your own or through a Realtor®, you are probably well aware of the imposition that having your home on the market can be on your life.

Why not get organized and have a little fun? 

Sometimes organization can be the key to keeping things on the light side and avoiding situations that will surely bring you down.

Make sure everyone in the household knows about scheduled showings.  

A centrally located calendar or clipboard will work great.  If you are working with a broker, make sure you are both clear on what type of notification you would like for showings.  Be flexible!  Remember, your goal is to sell your home, not to make potential buyers jump through hoops.  If you can accommodate a short notice showing, then by all means do it.  Just make sure that everyone in your household is aware so that you will not have any surprises.

Don’t go it alone!

Involve the entire household in maintaining an orderly home.  This is one of those critical times when you need them all to pitch in.  If more than one person is making the mess, then one person simply can not be responsible for cleaning it up.  Remember you are living as if you were on display in a fishbowl.  If everyone will be gone to work or school during the day, then make sure the house is picked up before you all go to bed.  Mornings can be hectic enough without having to add cleaning to the list.

  • Get all the dirty dishes at least into the dishwasher.

  • Wipe down the counters and bathroom vanity.

  • Put toys away (this goes for grown ups too.)

  • Keep clothes hanging in the closet or in dressers where they belong.  


Maintaining a tidy home is far easier than spending three hours trying to return a disaster area back into a clean home.

Remind your family members that you have a household goal in mind.  To sell your home!  Look at this as a team effort and when your home sells, the whole team will feel accomplished.

OK, after writing this, it still doesn't sound like that much fun, but it least it doesn't sound that daunting either.   Besides, the real fun begins when your home sells…but in the meantime…let’s break out the cleaning music!  Anyone up for the dusting game?

Posted on December 23, 2015 at 2:35 pm
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